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I would like to change my device. Can I use the navigation software also on my new device?

We have to distinguish different processes:

A: Same type of device.

You have used a certain type of device and you want to keep using the same type (e.g., you had a PDA before and will be using another PDA). In this case you can use the navigation software as long as the new device appears in the compatibility list.

Transfer content to another PDA
Please note that once already purchased contents are transferred from an old PDA to a new PDA, these contents must be removed from the old unit. Read more about this in our terms and conditions.

Device replacement
If your device has been damaged and you want to use a new device of the same type and operating system, then it is possible to transfer previously purchased packages and contents. Please note that the transfer to a newly registered device is only possible when the device is being replaced. To do so please contact our
customer support and have your old and new registration details ready for our agent.

Mobile Phones and Smartphones

With mobile phones and smartphones the re-use of your NAVIGON software depends on the platform and the operating system. This means that if you change your smartphone to one with a different operating system, e.g. Android-based smartphone to the iPhone, the NAVIGON software will no longer be useful. Using a different platform (Windows Phone 7, iPhone, Android, etc.) requires a different navigation software.

If you use the same operating system and you would like to transfer contents to another device within this same system, then you have to use the same account  used for the purchase of the contents (e.g. iTunes Store, Google Play Store). For Android and iPhone users, it is even possible to install purchased contents on up to 5 devices simultaneously. Keep in mind that the same account that was used for the purchase has to be used.

Inn App Packages that you already purchased can be transferred manually by our Service Center.Please contact us.
Note: This does not apply to Apple since all the in-app packages can be restored in the software

Using NAVIGON software on the same platform
If you are using the iPhone or the Android full version you can use the NAVIGON app on several devices. Conditions and further information on how this procedure works can be found in the software description of the corresponding sales platform.

Some devices have to be registered. Please note that you need a new activation code if you change your device. Find out here what you have to be aware of during the change of registration.

Since the serial number has already been registered for the old device, it is not possible to re-use it. Please contact our customer service for the new registration data.

B: Change in the type of device.

You have used a certain type of device. However, your new device corresponds to a different type (e.g. you change from PDA to mobile phone or from PNA to PDA or any other combination). In this case the software used up till now will not be operational on the new device.

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