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Street Parking
Find free roadside parking

With NAVIGON Street Parking you will find free roadside parking spots whenever you need them! No more cruising around for hours looking for somewhere to park - in future simply leave the searching to NAVIGON.
You can search for free parking spots close to your destination and set them as a new destination both before you leave and while you are on your way. You will also receive detailed information on parking times, fees, etc.
If your destination parking situation should change during navigation, inform NAVIGON thereof in a timely fashion. You can then start a new parking spot search if desired.
You are always on the safe side with NAVIGON Street Parking - if no free roadside parking is available, you can always expand your search to parking garages and public parking spots.
  • Find free roadside parking spots.
  • Filter parking spots by price level and get more info about parking times and fees
  • Start a new navigation search for a parking spot or set the parking spot as an interim destination

Street Parking is available in: Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Bonn, Cologne, Hamburg, Nuremberg, Düsseldorf, Ingolstadt, Vienna, Amsterdam, Paris, London, Cardiff, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Denver.

* Nota: La imagen del producto puede variar


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