NAVIGON Flow. Navigation has never been simpler

Intuitive operating – consistent, simple, optimised:
That’s NAVIGON Flow.

Both on the road or through the menu: Navigation has never been easier thanks to Navigon Flow. With the new navigation software, you'll be able to glide through the menu in an instant – and then on to your destination. So you'll be able to enjoy relaxed driving and navigation without the stress. Turn the NAVIGON on. And just follow your finger!

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NAVIGON Flow makes operating your navigation device simpler, clearer and more intuitive. Take a look at how exactly the new software from NAVIGON does that:

  1. The layout of menus and submenus is clearly structured. The new function bar at the bottom allows users to orientate themselves easily at all times.
  2. The new gesture control allows you to move the screen from the corner of your eye with a simple swipe – either sideways or scrolling up and down.
  3. NAVIGON Flow focuses on the essential functions at the main menu level. Plus a full display utilisation offers a better overview.

NAVIGON Flow: Now available on all new NAVIGON devices.

Want NAVIGON Flow on your navigation device? Take a look now at which NAVIGON models include the NAVIGON Flow software.


From intuitive control to exceptional orientation: Take a look at all the advantages of NAVIGON Flow.

Get to know the new NAVIGON Flow navigation software in our simulation.

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