NAVIGON FreshMaps gives you access to the most up-to-date maps at all times. For just a one-off payment: the latest maps will be available to you to download for 24 months. We inform all FreshMaps subscribers regularly via newsletter about updates. We work exclusively with experts in creating new updates. Therefore, we are able to guarantee the reliability of the map material – so you’ll be able to get to your destination as quickly as possible, every time.

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Advantages for you

  1. One-off payment for 24-month service
  2. Regular updates from the experts
  3. Automatic notification when new downloads are available

So simple it works:


Start NAVIGON Fresh on your PC.


If an update for NAVIGON Fresh is available, you will automatically be asked to run this update. Please confirm this and follow the instructions on your screen. Afterwards connect your NAVIGON with the PC.


Switch on your fully charged NAVIGON. Login to NAVIGON Fresh with your user Data.

Click now on “Download maps and services”. Select the latest map material and confirm the download.


The download of all maps can last between few minutes and several hours. This period of time depends on your internet connection. If you do not have a fast internet connection, we recommend to download only the maps you really need. Do not disconnect your NAVIGON from the PC during the download process. After NAVIGON Fresh reports the completion, disconnect your NAVIGON from the PC with the help of the “Safely Remove Hardware” button.

Have fun with your new maps.


NAVIGON brings you to your destination across the globe. Simply download the country map of your destination before your trip.

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