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NAVIGON Sync: Import addresses from Outlook

With the software NAVIGON Sync you can transfer addresses to your navigation device you have saved in Microsoft Outlook on your computer. When you want to navigate to one of these addresses, you can easily select them from the list "Contacts".

Your computer must have the ability to access the data of the navigation device. Proceed as follows:

    1. Leave a possible inserted memory card in the navigation device.

    2. Connect the navigation device with a USB cable to your
        computer. The navigation device is detected as a new
        removable drive. If a memory card is inserted in the navigation
        device, it is also recognized as a new removable drive.

If the navigation device is connected to your computer, you can perform the following actions:

    ● select contacts folder
    ● read addresses from Outlook
    ● read addresses from the navigation device
    ● copy addresses from Outlook to the navigation device
    ● delete addresses from the navigation device
    ● Select another language

For more information see the NAVIGON Sync Manual.

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