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How do I enter a route? (PNA, PDA, MN6, MN7)

You can plan your route before beginning your journey by entering route points. The input of route points is not limited. Please make sure that all route points are introduced. You can skip or omit single route points during the journey.

Route planning:

    1. Choose successively: „Options“ - „Routes and Tracks“.

    2. Click on "Starting Point" to enter the main starting point.

    3. Then you can select “Add route points”. Please enter the addresses
        of the Route Point in the order you would like to drive through.

    4. If you decide after the input of several route points that you prefer a
        different order arrangement, you can shift single route points.

    5. Choose the address which should be shifted and then click the
        corresponding arrow. Only the starting point cannot be shifted.

    6. If you have finished the route, proceed by selecting „Save Route“.

    7. Depending of the number of route points and the distance between
        them, the time for the route calculation might differ.

    8. Select now "Start Navigation“.

Additional information about route planning:

     ● Under "Options" you can store the route during the input of the
        route points or load already stored routes.

     ● Please note that the arrival time calculated by the navigation system
        can differ from the actual arrival time that was calculated when you
        started the journey.

     ● This calculation is based on optimal conditions and can vary during
        the course of journey according to the circumstances.


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