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Device doesn't work anymore after using NAVIGON Fresh

If your device does not work any more after using NAVIGON Fresh, please follow these steps:

     1.  Make sure that you are using the latest version of  NAVIGON Fresh.

     2.  Please check your USB connection. If necessary,
          try using another device or USB cable.

     3.  Make sure that your Internet connection is working properly.

     4.  Make sure that you are logged on with Administrator rights and
          whether you are using a compatible operating system.

     5.  If you use a firewall, please check the configuration settings.
          Port 21 and ports greater then 1023 should be released
          (standard value for FTP data transfer). With some firewalls
          FTP must be only admitted as a protocol. Please contact your
          firewall provider for further inquires regarding this.

     6.  Also please note the exact error code/message that is
          being displayed. In case the problem/error persists this
          information will be required by the time you
          contact our Customer Service support.

     7.  In case you had made a backup of your device before,
          then perform a backup recovery.

     8.  If the problem persists, please restore your device.

     9.  In case that the device restore did not solve the problem,
          please contact our Customer Service support.

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