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iPhone: Optional Travel, Restaurant and Camping Guides

There are content packages available for the 1.8 Premium version for your iPhone. These contents are optional and can be bought via In-App-Purchase. When bought, the contents are displayed to you as browsable POI categories. Also there are details in the destination information screen, such as general information, ratings, opening hours, accepted payment methods, etc.

The following contents are available:

   Sprache  Verfügbar in
 PRINZ CityGuide Berlin  German  EU 10, EU
 Der Feinschmecker 2010  German  EU 10, EU
 Michelin Red Guide  Multilingual  all EU regions, EU
 Michelin Green Guide  Multilingual  all EU regions, EU
 ADAC Camping Guide  German  EU 10, EU
 ZAGAT  English

 USA, Canada, USA MyRegion versions



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