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When are new maps available?

NAVIGON makes the latest maps available on a regular basis - up to four times a year - as "FreshMap" and as "LatestMap".

The development of digital maps is a continuous process. As soon as we achieve the raw map data from our supplier, we start to convert the data into our own map material format and do quality checks.

NAVIGON offers navigation solutions for different platforms and systems. It is important to consider system-inherent technical requirements – like CPU performance and RAM availability – in order to achieve best performance on the individual platforms. Therefore it is necessary to create special maps for each platform. As the development of a map is a very computationally intensive and time-consuming process, new map releases for different platforms and systems are available at various times.

We always make an effort to release new maps right after our performance and quality checks and make it available in order of the completion.

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