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Is cross-border navigation possible?

The following applies for navigation devices on the market since 2008:

▪     Each country has its own navigation map.

▪     Seamless navigation over several maps on one continent
      is possible however if a continuous route can be calculated
      with the maps saved on the device.

▪     Tap on "Options" - "Settings" - "Current Map"
      in order to see which maps are currently in use.

▪     Here you can also select a different continent if
      the memory card in the navigation device contains
      any maps of countries on other continents.

▪     Navigation maps for other countries can be purchased
      in the NAVIGON online shop.

▪     The following applies for navigation devices with older software:

▪     Cross-border navigation is possible between the countries
      included on the navigation map currently in use.

Different map variants of Europe can be purchased in the NAVIGON online shop.

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