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With which mobile phones can I use the hands-free module of the NAVIGON 7210 device?

Right-click on the manufacturer of your mobile phone. A list will open showing all the mobile phones from this manufacturer which have been approved by NAVIGON for use with the hands-free module of the NAVIGON 7210 device. The list also shows which functions of the hands-free module are supported by the respective mobile phone.

You may also be able to use other mobile phones with the hands-free module. However, NAVIGON cannot guarantee that the hands-free module will work properly with non-listed mobile phones.

Similarly, the proper operation of the hands-free module with the listed mobile phones can be guaranteed only if the mobile phone in question is in its as-delivered condition and loaded with the most up-to-date firmware available when the lists were drawn up (see below). Changes to the operating system of the mobile phone or to software from other manufacturers can alter the functionality of the mobile phone.


NAVIGON 7210 Blackberry
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