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NAVIGON for iPhone

Transform your iPhone into a mobile navigation device with a variety of useful functions. NAVIGON for iPhone is easy to use and provides information on route distance, time of arrival, motorway services, filling stations, speed limits and border crossings. What’s more, special destinations such as theatres, hotels, shopping centres and other sights are already integrated. Thanks to smart address input and realistic map display, you never lose track and always reach your intended destination safely. The pocket navigation system is a great companion – not only in the car – and is also ideal for optimum route planning and navigation for cyclists and pedestrians. The new route guide for your iPhone – the ideal companion for all frequent travellers.


In-Apps for the iPhone

Adapt your navigation software to better suit your needs by upgrading it with a variety of in-apps.

You can get the following functions as in-app purchases: 

  • FreshMaps XL
  • Mobile Warner Live
  • NAVIGON Truck Navigation
  • Traffic Live

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Reality View® Pro

With NAVIGON Reality View® Pro, you’ll be informed in good time about motorway junctions and when you need to change lanes. Thanks to photo-realistic displays of exits and the actual junction number, you’ll be able to follow the signs. So you will always have your bearings.

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Experience the Navigon App

Transform your mobile phone into a mobile navigation device with a variety of useful functions. Experience the Navion App for your mobile phone - just take a look and start the short movie by clicking on the left image.

  • The professional navigation solution for the iPhone
  • The latest maps incl. two million POIs
  • Text-to-Speech

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