Software upgrade for NAVIGON® 40/42 Essential

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Software upgrade for NAVIGON® 40/42 Essential

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NAVIGON® 40 Essential

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New functions and maps for your NAVIGON® 40/42 Essential

Upgrade your NAVIGON® navigation system to a NAVIGON® 42 Plus – with the new navigation software NAVIGON® Flow, Reality View® Pro, Active Lane Assistant, NAVIGON® MyRoutes, One Click Menu, Pedestrian Navigation, NAVIGON® Last Mile, Spoken TMC and other useful functions that will get you safely and stress-free to your destination.

Daarnaast bevat uw software-upgrade:

  • Map of Europe: NAVIGON® release Q3/2015 with 44 countries included
  • Premium TMC (in Great Britain, France and Finland)
  • Speed Assistant
  • Text-to-Speech (Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish)
  • Real Road Sign
  • Clever Parking

    * Het apparaat komt wat de software betreft overeen met de volgende serie. Afwijkingen in afzonderlijke componenten kunnen blijven bestaan.


Navigation has never been simpler


Reality View® Pro

Keep the big picture in view



Streets and exits are called by their own name


Clever Parking

Assistance when looking for a parking space


Speed Assistant

Never drive too fast again


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