NAVIGON® FreshMaps EU 44

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NAVIGON® FreshMaps EU 44

Maps that are always up to date: Since the road network is constantly changing, NAVIGON® has ist maps continually updated by experts, and provides you with regular updates which you will receive up to four times a year over a period of 24 months.

  • One-off payment for 24-month service
  • Regular map updates from the experts
  • New download notifications
  • NAVIGON® Release Q1/2016

Please note:

  • You only get an update of the maps that are already included in your device. Iceland, Moldova, Malta and the Ukraine are not available on all devices. More information can be found at Questions & answers 
  • If you are using a NAVIGON® 8410 / NAVIGON® 8410 PREMIUM EDITION or NAVIGON® 8450 / 8450 LIVE PREMIUM EDITION device, the photo-realistic display "Real City 3D" will no longer be supported after the Q3/2012 release, due to technical reasons. Other 3D functions will remain unaffected.

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