All-in-one 3D package

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All-in-one 3D package

A better overview with 3D functions
Upgrade your navigation device with as many as three functions in 3D.
Panorama View 3D shows you the landscape in your display, not as a flat image, but in 3D with mountains and valleys.City View 3D provides realistic displays of buildings and facades directly on your screen. Blocks of buildings are displayed transparently if there is a special destination behind them, such as a petrol station. And with Landmark View 3D you will be able to view interesting tourist attractions in 3D.

Better orientation
This function allows you to maintain an overview at all times so you can keep your bearings in the concrete jungle. This makes it easier for you to find your way around, particularly in unfamiliar cities.

The all-in one package includes the following functions:

  • Landmark view3D
  • City View3D 2.0
  • Panorama View3D


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