NAVIGON® Live Services package

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NAVIGON® Live Services package

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NAVIGON® 72 Plus Live

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NAVIGON® Live Services package


Information in real time
With the NAVIGON® Live Services package for your device, you’ll enjoy more up-to-date and quicker navigation than ever before. 4 NAVIGON® Live Services provide you real time information about mobile traffic controls, the next available parking, current weather along your route and interesting events in your area. 

Update your navigation device with the following NAVIGON® Live Services:

  • Mobile Safety Camera Live – Don’t give mobile speed cameras a chance
  • Clever Parking Live – Always find a parking space
  • Weather Live – Shows you the current weather along your route and at the destination
  • Events Live – In the know about events in your city


Additional purchases of the Live Services package do not include extensions to the contract period. In order to extend the contract period, please purchase the Clever Flat 12.


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