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Clever Flat 12 – subscription for NAVIGON® Live Services

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Clever Flat 12 – subscription for NAVIGON® Live Services

Do you wish to continue receiving the latest real-time information from your navigation system? Then all you have to do is simply extend your subscription and get another 12 months of NAVIGON® Live Services on your navigation system with Clever Flat 12*. You’ll be well informed while you drive safely and relaxed to your destination.

What NAVIGON® Live Services offer you:

  • Service messages in real time
  • No additional charges abroad
  • No automatic renewal, and no cancellation of the subscription required

You can purchase a Live Services extension for the following navigation systems:

  • NAVIGON® 8450 Live
  • NAVIGON® 8450 Live Premium Edition
  • NAVIGON® 6350 Live
  • NAVIGON® 40 Premium Live
  • NAVIGON® 70 Premium Live
  • NAVIGON® 70 Plus Live
  • NAVIGON® 72 Plus Live
  • NAVIGON® 92 Premium Live

More information on NAVIGON® Live Services:

Want to find out more about the individual Live Services? Take a look at the maps and services area and find out more.

*For private use only.

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