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You can upgrade your NAVIGON® with these extras:

For a better overview – your top three POIs in large scale

Always know how far away you are from your favourite points of interest with NAVIGON® MyBest POIs

This service is a real asset which will show you points of interest that are important to you and ensure that you keep your bearings. Choose your three favourite points of interest categories, such as filling stations, parking places or places to eat. These will then be shown to you at the top of the display screen, including the distance to the nearest POI. Alternatively, you can also choose to be shown three specific points of interest from one category, such as your three favourite fast food restaurants, for example.

NAVIGON® MyBest POIs: for a better overview on the display

As an added extra, you can switch off this POI notification so that you have a better view of the display and then switch it on again when you need it. With MyBest POIs, irritating diversions are no longer an issue because you will now know exactly where and how far you need to travel until you reach the nearest services when the children are getting restless in the back again, for example. Stress-free travel with NAVIGON®!

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