NAVIGON® Funny Voices - English

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NAVIGON® Funny Voices English

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NAVIGON® Funny Voices English

Yo man! How about a bit of fun for your next car journey? Let NAVIGON® show you the way with six funny voices in English! You can decide which of the six voices you want to have showing you the way: Arnie, the rapper with the fast tongue, or the Godfather himself? Or how about the Redeemer, to make sure you don't stray from God’s path? Perhaps you would prefer to be guided by a woman: Ludmilla, the Russian model, or Nishana from India will keep you in a good mood along your route!

  • Navi G, the rapper from London: Yo, let’s cruise together! Take a spin downtown with the rapper Navi G! His hip rhymes will definitely get you in a good mood. Yo man, buy me!
  • Arnie, the action hero: I’ll be back! Let Arnie guide you safely to your destination. How often do you get the chance to drive with a real action hero? Hasta la vista, baby!
  • The Godfather: La familia is on your side: allow the Godfather himself to guide you through the traffic. Va bene!?
  • The Lord: Arrive safely at your destination with divine guidance. The Saviour guides his flock along the right path – even in the car. Let me hear you say, hallelujah!
  • Ludmilla from Russia: The beautiful Ludmilla from London is a Russian model with brains: of course she knows all about the latest trends. But that’s not all! She can also point you in the right direction, wherever you are! Just don’t let her charms lead you astray!
  • Nishana, the Bollywood star: The lively Nishana from India will get you to your destination in a good mood with her perky personality. She’s just as at home on the streets of Europe as in Bombay. Tata!

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