Software upgrade for NAVIGON® 8450 Live

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Software upgrade for NAVIGON® 8450 Live

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NAVIGON® 8450 Live

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You can upgrade your NAVIGON® with these extras:

City View3D 2.0
Cities and buildings in a 3D model

Realistic display of cities – just like looking out of the window

Familiar with City View3D from NAVIGON®? Meet the new and improved City View3D 2.0! This function displays cities as they really are – with a realistic display in 3D. Buildings are given realistic colours and roof shapes. Pavements along the road are raised slightly in the display. With this service, the images on your navigation device will be just like the view out of the window.

Know what lies ahead thanks to transparent displays of buildings

Images of nearby buildings in City View3D 2.0 are transparent. This means you get a better display of your route, since the route display is no longer obstructed by buildings, nor by any special destinations ahead. This makes orientation easier and allows you to keep your eyes on the road ahead.

* Please note: images may vary from the actual device

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