Software upgrade for NAVIGON® 4310 max

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Software upgrade for NAVIGON® 4310 max

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NAVIGON® 4310 max

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You can upgrade your NAVIGON® with these extras:

Immediate overview with one click

See more on the map

This function gives you a better overview. Once the One Click Menu function is activated, the NAVIGON® MyBest POIs field at the top of your display and the menu bar and the bottom of the screen are automatically hidden. The main advantage of this is that you will be shown a larger area of the map and can therefore keep a better overview of the route. The display will only show the information that is relevant to you.

Reveal controls at the touch of a button

With a single click on the map, POIs and the menu bar are revealed again, and you can use your navigation device as normal. A while after you have stopped clicking on your navigation device, these controls are automatically hidden and you will see a large view of the map in your display. You can also choose to keep the POI display up at all times. A NAVIGON® innovation for safe driving with an eye on the road ahead.

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