Points of interest package: all in one

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Important notes

Easy installation:
NAVIGON® Fresh downloads the needed files and automatically installs them on your navigation device.

* Points of interest are displayed in the respective native language

You will receive POIs in the countries whose map is already included on the device.

Please note that installing the "All-in-One" special destination package will overwrite and delete any other special destination packages you have already installed.

The following devices are not supported for this function:
NAVIGON® 2100 max | NAVIGON® 2110 max | NAVIGON® 2150 max  | NAVIGON® 8110

The loading time for the POI list can take up to 20 seconds on the following devices:
NAVIGON® 1200 | NAVIGON® 1210

NAVIGON® 1300 | NAVIGON® 1310

NAVIGON® 2200 | NAVIGON® 2210

NAVIGON® 2300 | NAVIGON® 2310



NAVIGON® 8310 

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