NAVIGON® Funny Voices English Dialects

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NAVIGON® Funny Voices English Dialects

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NAVIGON® Funny Voices English Dialects

Ever had a real Scot in your car? Has an American ever given you directions? Or would you like an Indian woman to show you the way? Customise your NAVIGON® and choose your favourite from the six amusing English dialect voices!

The package comprises the following voices:

  • Scottish dialect - Ewan from Scotland: Hey mate! Red-headed Ewan from Glasgow will take you on the fastest route to the nearest football stadium and then to the pub. Let’s go!
  • Cockney dialect - Pete from London: Have a butcher’s! With his cockney dialect, you’ll have a good journey, not just in London! A must for every Londoner – and everyone else!
  • Welsh dialect - Gwendolyn from Wales: The likeable Welsh lady can not only help you to navigate your way around the herds of sheep in her home village, but will also provide reliable directions through the major European cities.
  • Manchester dialect - Coleen from Manchester: Please turn left. Coleen from Manchester always knows a short cut to the hippest shopping areas of Manchester – and in all the other cities, too.
  • US dialect - Bob from New Jersey, USA: Let yourself be guided in American style! Bob from Hoboken, New Jersey, will take you to your destination.
  • Indian accent - Latika from India: Fancy a curry and a taste of the Far East? Latika from Mumbai will navigate you safely to your destination through the urban jungle with her Indian accent.

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