NAVIGON – the partner for innovative solutions

NAVIGON offers manufacturers of mobile navigation systems tailored solutions designed to impress with their simple user control and intuitive operation. Our OEM partners are always up to date because our navigation solutions are characterised by their high degree of customisation and individuality. The software is based on the building blocks of one of the most successful navigation applications. As a result of our many years of experience, our partners have already developed a number of perfect products for themselves and their customers.


Select from two product groups:

CLASSIC products:
NAVIGON enables user-friendly navigation to be transferred to a number of end devices in the field of mobile navigation. Up to 38 countries are available with relevant map material, entry and speech output. In addition, the user can select between several navigation views and route modes, as well as functions such as TMC, Real Road Sign or Speed Assistant.


PREMIUM products:
NAVIGON always guides you safely through traffic. We also offer more comprehensive navigation solutions if required. Our OEM partners in the PREMIUM sector use additional functions alongside all the CLASSIC functions, which impress even the most demanding users. These include Lane Assistant and Reality View. POIs can also be entered directly and included in the route guidance while navigating.

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