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Take your NAVIGON 4350max into the premium class: with a feature upgrade to the NAVIGON 6310

NAVIGON is offering a one-off software upgrade for the NAVIGON 4350 max. For EUR 69,95 NAVIGON 4350max owners can upgrade their device from tomorrow on with the new high-quality features of the NAVIGON 6310. These include Professional Voice Command 2.0, Panorama View3D, City View3D, Landmark View3D, Real Road Sign Pro and NAVIGON Last Mile. A free update to get the latest map is also available.

NAVIGON_upgrade_visual_6310Hamburg, 23rd February 2010 – On the road to premium navigation: the new NAVIGON software upgrade turns the established mid-class model NAVIGON 4350 max into a genuine premium device. For a one-off payment of EUR 69,95 NAVIGON users will soon be able to upgrade their NAVIGON 4350max and use the innovative functions of the NAVIGON 6310. “With the new upgrade function, we are, on the one hand, continuing to implement the NAVIGON strategy of also making the latest features available to devices from previous generations. On the other, we are also offering users the option of turning a mid-class device into a premium device for the first time,” says Jörn Watzke, vice-president of Product Line Management at NAVIGON.

This includes the improved voice command system in the NAVIGON 6310. With Professional Voice Command 2.0, the NAVIGON 6310 becomes an intelligent voice expert. You can activate and control many functions whilst driving, even using slang or speaking with an accent. If the navigation device is connected to a mobile phone using Bluetooth, it is also possible to input telephone numbers directly or select them from a contact in your phone book.
The software upgrade also turns a device into a top-quality 3D navigator: Panorama View3D, City View3D and Landmark View3D make it easier to find your way, particularly in unknown areas, because sights and city buildings are all displayed in realistic images on the screen. Thus navigation becomes a complete experience.


Orientation all the wayFeatures Upgrade 6310_EN
This is provided with the NAVIGON Last Mile feature, which is also part of the upgrade to NAVIGON 6310. This feature ensures that users can continue to find their way on the last few metres to their final destination after leaving their vehicle, without any irritating detours. When the driver parks their car, the device automatically saves details of the car’s position, immediately activating pedestrian navigation to guide them to the final destination. On the way home, all you need to do is select the saved destination “My vehicle” to be guided back to your car with the help of the pedestrian navigation system.


The software upgrade also includes a one-off, free map update worth EUR 69,95 which will bring the device up to date with the latest map information in one fell swoop.

The upgrade for the NAVIGON 4350 max will be available via NAVIGON Fresh for EUR 69,95 on 23rd February.


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