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T-Mobile iPhone customers in Germany will navigate with NAVIGON for free in future

T-Mobile and NAVIGON are intensifying their exclusive partnership in the mobile navigation field: all iPhone customers will receive navigation software for free soon. The “NAVIGON select Telekom Edition” offer is available exclusively to T-Mobile customers in Germany – includes full map material for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein and selected features from the award-winning navigation solution. Users can expand the product with various add-on packages and adapt it to their own personal needs.

NAVIGON select Telekom EditionBonn and Hamburg, 01 March 2010 – The Apple iPhone, available exclusively through T-Mobile in Germany, has been a success from the beginning. T-Mobile is providing all iPhone customers with the “NAVIGON select Telekom Edition” software for free. The product is a version of the award-winning MobileNavigator from NAVIGON which was the first onboard solution1 for the iPhone and was launched in 2009. “NAVIGON select Telekom Edition” not only provides professional in-vehicle and pedestrian navigation, but can also be extended with a range of additional functions. Both the map material and software are stored in full on the device, meaning that there are no additional charges for any data connections.

„NAVIGON select Telekom Edition” opens up a flexible and individual range of navigation functions for iPhone customers. The standard version contains all the essential features needed for route planning. These include in-vehicle navigation with 2D map view, precise spoken navigation directions and points of interest searches using Google Local Search, for example. The display switches automatically between day and night mode and switches from portrait to landscape mode as required. The Reality View3D feature was invented by NAVIGON and improves orientation at motorway exits with clear graphic representations.

The software is also a reliable companion outside the car and provides orientation, for example, on city walks or sightseeing tours, thanks to extensive pedestrian navigation. On the iPhone 3GS, it also supports the integrated compass within the device. The standard version can also be customised. Six add-on packages are available which users can purchase from within the application to match their personal needs. They include a Premium, a Safety and Relax package, a Sound & Fun version, a solution with map material for 20 European countries as well as a 3D and Traffic Live version.

„As part of our cooperation with NAVIGON, we are once again offering our customers exclusive added value and are, therefore, fulfilling the desire of many of our iPhone users to be able to use their device as a hand-held navigator shortly after purchase,” says Dr. Christian P. Illek, Bereichsvorstand Marketing T-Mobile Deutschland GmbH.

„We are delighted to be further intensifying our partnership with T-Mobile and are proud that our MobileNavigator will be reliably showing all T-Mobile iPhone customers the way in the future,” says Egon Minar, CEO of NAVIGON. “With MobileNavigator, NAVIGON, the market leader in onboard navigation2, is providing advanced and innovative navigation software that optimally complements the iPhone’s intuitive user guidance and has become the most successful onboard navigation app for the iPhone since its launch last June.“

„“NAVIGON select Telekom Edition” for the iPhone will be exclusively available to all T-Mobile iPhone customers in Germany. The software will soon be available to download for free from the German Apple App Store. The product only works in conjunction with a valid mobile phone contract with T-Mobile Deutschland GmbH. T-Mobile and NAVIGON are also currently planning similar offers for other smartphone users.


1 The NAVIGON iPhone solution saves map material on the device so that no data connection is required during navigation.
2 According to a study by Canalys (Q3/2009), NAVIGON is the market leader in the onboard perpetual solutions segment.


NAVIGON AG is a world-leading manufacturer of navigation systems. With its own portable navigation systems, and thanks to its partnership with reputable consumer electronics manufacturers, NAVIGON stands for high-quality GPS navigation on pocket PCs, PNDs and mobile phones. NAVIGON also provides professional navigation solutions such as driver-assistance features for the automotive OEM market. NAVIGON was founded in 1991, and employs over 400 workers in locations in Asia, Europe and North America. – NAVIGON. And the world is yours.

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