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New device generation: NAVIGON 70 models make 5 inch-navigation easier than ever before

Drivers hardly even need to touch the new NAVIGON 70 Plus and 70 Premium models to take advantage of all their features. Both models now include a motion sensor that reacts to movement. Further innovative features make navigation easier than ever before – for instance the active Lane Assistant.

Hamburg, 11 May 2010 – Navigation has never been so easy: The NAVIGON 70 Plus and NAVIGON 70 Premium are the beginning of a new generation of navigation systems that set new standards of user-friendliness. In addition to their elegant styling, both models offer particularly innovative technologies such as, for instance, the Motion Sensor. An enlarged map section and the ‘Active Lane Assistant’ round off the outstanding range of features. Thanks to the Bluetooth hands-free 2.0 kit, the Premium version can be connected in parallel to two mobile phones and operated with the improved Professional Voice Command 2.0. Both devices are equipped with one of the fastes processors, which are used in PNDs at the moment – a  520MHz processor with ARM11-core.

Excellence improved

The Active Lane Assistant shows the driver when to change lanes and set the car’s indicators with a dynamic real-time animation. ‘With our latest innovations, navigation systems can be operated so casually that drivers can concentrate their full attention on the traffic situation’, explains Jörn Watzke, Vice President Product Line Management at NAVIGON. ‘In addition, it’s now possible to store personal favourite POIs in the system as CSV files.’ Other important functions are, for instance, TMC Routing Info including speech output and Reality View Pro that NAVIGON now presents with advanced graphics.

The Premium version for frequent drivers
Anyone who is frequently on the road and needs a navigation system for business reasons benefits from the Premium version. In comparison with the Plus models, it offers three additional key features that are particularly valuable for extensive tours and when time is of the essence: City View3D 2.0 supports safe driving and shows buildings with a degree of transparency that lets drivers see the route ahead well in advance even in heavily built-up areas. Thanks to Professional Voice Command 2.0, drivers can communicate with the navigation system in a conversation tone. Another fantastic feature for business travellers: The Bluetooth hands-free 2.0 kit not only lets drivers make and take their calls via the navigation system, but also differentiates between private and business calls.

Kasten Motion Sensor_ENNavigation with a wave of the hand
The new Motion Sensor is integrated in both new models. For example, the motion sensor reacts to intentional movements close to the display. In this way, driver’s can call up the menu panel or ‘MyBest POI’. The map section is enlarged when the panel is deactivated, and thanks to the standard 5" display, the route is now much easier to see than on other devices. And now, NAVIGON have enhanced their POI Service with another new feature. Users now have an option to import their personal favourite destinations in CSV format with Fresh-Software and organise them in specially named groups. Voice control can now be activated by a casual stroke ver the frame. With its aid, it is now possible to control all key functions of the system with a word. In the words of Jörn Watzke, ‘This means that our voice-controlled operating feature is now even better. While a precisely controlled diagonal stroking movement across the display was required for our NAVIGON 8410, now only casually touching the device is enough.’

Price and availability:
NAVIGON 70 Plus and 70 Premium models both feature the extended map material package EU 43 that now also includes Iceland, Moldova and Ukrainia. Both models will be available from summer 2010, prices have not yet been determined.

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