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Thanks to the MICHELIN Hotel- and Restaurant Guide NAVIGON leads to Europe’s top addresses

NAVIGON gives holidaymakers a comprehensive overview of accommodation options and culinary choices in 24 European countries with the MICHELIN Hotel and Restaurant Guide.

NAVIGON_Download_les_guides_MICHELINHamburg, 23 June 2010 – In many European countries, summer holidays are approaching. However, the most beautiful time of the year can quickly turn into a disappointment when hotels and restaurants do not live up to your expectations. NAVIGON is preventing any nasty surprises by providing guidance from the MICHELIN hotel- and restaurant-guide, enabling holidaymakers to get the facts on 24 countries1 before they begin their journey.

MICHELIN ratings to help you to decide

The Guide offers over 51,000 tips in 24 European countries, including Italy, Spain and Sweden, all of which are among Europeans’ favourite holiday destinations. In addition to contact details, holidaymakers are also given overviews of menu prices, accommodation with breakfast included or the parking situation. The ratings given by the MICHELIN experts in particular help to provide orientation: 13 hotel and 19 restaurant categories are available to choose from, ranging from “standard” through to “luxury”. Comments describe the specific characteristics of these locations, such as the culinary specialties or hotel facilities. For larger cities, the nearest public transport connections are also displayed.NAVIGON_feature_Michelin_Restaurant-Hotel_de

Easy to operate before and during the journey

The Guide is easy to use because it integrates seamlessly into the navigation menu. The user first selects the country and city name and then receives the relevant dynamic hotel and restaurant categories. For optimum orientation when on the move, the MICHELIN POIs appear as points of interest on the map along the route. The MICHELIN hotel and restaurant guide2 is available to download from the NAVIGON FreshShop now for 19.95 euros.

1 Available in the following languages: French, English, German, Italian, Spanish.
2 Compatible with the following devices: the new NAVIGON 40 and 70 series devices, NAVIGON 1400, 1200 and 1300 series, the 21max models, the 2200, 2300 and 2400 series, NAVIGON 2510 Explorer, NAVIGON 3300, 4300 and 6300 series, NAVIGON 7210, NAVIGON 7310, NAVIGON 8310, the NAVIGON 8400 series, Auto Bild Limited Edition models, NAVIGON Primo and NAVIGON Starter.


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