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Modern maps know more than just roads

Only those who regularly update their navigation devices with the latest maps are truly relaxed whilst driving. This is due in no small part to the fact that traffic routing on the roads of Europe is changing on a regular basis. The same goes for other route information like speed limits or points of interest. The latest map update for Q3 2010 brings all these changes to your NAVIGON device.

NAVIGON40Premium_MyBestPOI_websiteHamburg, 26 August 2010 – In Germany alone, several thousand kilometres of road change every year. This means that drivers can easily find themselves going the wrong way, even in familiar surroundings, because they are not yet aware of the altered traffic routing. Even minor delays can have serious consequences for business travellers and lorry drivers in particular. A navigation device provides the necessary degree of safety in this respect, but only if the maps are up to date. If the driver is to arrive on time, the navigation device has to know every change along the route and the maximum permitted speed along certain sections in order to suggest the best route. Just as vital for precise traffic routing is other information, like roundabouts or details on where to turn off. Such information is also subject to change, but is always kept up to date thanks to regular map updates.

Important features require up-to-date maps
Regular map updates guarantee the best possible route guidance. For this reason, NAVIGON provides new map material every quarter and since 2008 has even provided updates for subscribers. The success story of NAVIGON FreshMaps proves that the need for such a service is great, keeping users up to date on an ongoing and long-term basis with very little effort required. For a one-off payment, users receive the latest map release every three months for two years. This includes up-to-date street maps, so-called POIs1 and other important route information, such as speed limits, new roundabouts, or road-widening schemes. NAVIGON uses this information for features such as Active Lane Assistant – developed by NAVIGON – or Speed Assistant.

Points of interest direct on the navigation device

“Since being the first provider to introduce a kind of map-update guarantee with NAVIGON FreshMaps, drivers can relax a great deal more when navigating,” says Jörn Watzke, executive vice-president of Product Line Management at NAVIGON, “Only when all parameters along a particular route are up to date, are things such as the calculated arrival time accurate. In addition, new POIs, such as pharmacies, filling stations or restaurants, are regularly loaded on to the device.” Only POIs that are actually available are displayed; any restaurants or filling stations that are closed are removed from the map material and replaced with new ones. In the region of Germany, Austria and Switzerland alone, a total of 85,119 new POIs were added in the first three quarters of 2010, divided into 68 different categories in Germany. These updates thus provide the basis for an innovative feature that offers an additional benefit for frequent drivers: NAVIGON MyBest POI allows users to set their three most important POI categories and these will be displayed clearly on the screen. Thanks to the NAVIGON One-Click Menu, routes can now be altered on the spur of the moment in order to navigate to the desired POI.
All holders of a valid NAVIGON FreshMaps subscription can now download the map update for Q3 2010 from NAVIGON Fresh. A two-year FreshMaps subscription costs €99.

1 POI: Points of Interest


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