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NAVIGON select Telekom Edition for Android smartphones

NAVIGON is expanding its product range for users of Android smartphones. Customers can customise their navigation solution with the NAVIGON select Telekom Edition Android from 1 September. Those who already navigate using the MobileNavigator Android also won’t miss out: a free update of the full version will be available tomorrow with an exclusive feature that no other product in the NAVIGON portfolio has hitherto offered.

IFA2010_NA_Android_RealityScanner Hamburg, 31. August 2010 – With the NAVIGON select Telekom Edition Android, users of Android smartphones can put together their own individual navigation application from tomorrow on. “Thanks to the NAVIGON select Telekom Edition Android, we are now giving even more people access to their individual navigation application,” says Gerhard Mayr, vice-president of Worldwide Mobile Phone Business at NAVIGON. “For us, this launch is the next step on the way to establishing the successful select model on further platforms and in as many markets as possible.”

Individual packages or all in one
Users with a Deutsche Telekom mobile phone contract will receive the basic version of the NAVIGON select Telekom Edition Android free of charge.1     Besides map material for the DACH region, it contains an extensive selection of features, from intelligent address entry to expanded pedestrian navigation and Google Local Search. Customers can expand the basic version according to their needs. There are eight add-on packages available: the Bonus package (access to telephone and Google contacts, “Reality Scanner”), the Sound and Fun package (“Text-to-Speech”, “NAVIGON Funny Voices“, “Reality Scanner”), the Safety and Relax package (“Lane Assistant Pro”, “Speed Assistant”, “Safety Camera”), the Premium package (3D Navigation, “NAVIGON MyRoutes”, “Reality View Pro”, coordinate entry, access to telephone and Google contacts), the Traffic Live package (“Traffic Live”) or the EU 20 and EU 40 Map Upgrade packages. In addition, for the first time there are also two All-In-One packages available in the DACH or EU 40 versions.

The Reality Scanner is a feature highlight of the update
All existing customers who have the full EU version and the regional version of the MobileNavigator for Android will also benefit from these enhancements – on 1st September they can get an update with three new NAVIGON features2. One of these is the Reality Scanner, a new service for pedestrian navigation. With the help of the smartphone camera and the GPS receiver, the feature locates POIs in the immediate vicinity3. The name of the special destination is then displayed superimposed on the camera picture, complete with a symbol and the distance the user is away from it. If the user clicks on a POI symbol, a window opens with additional information. If the user is interested in the POI, they can be guided directly to the chosen destination. In addition, the update includes Text-to-Speech and Traffic Live. Together with familiar features like NAVIGON MyRoutes, coordinate entry or Lane Assistant Pro, navigation with Android smartphones is now even safer and more convenient.

The simple way to get applications
It is now very easy for users to get the MobileNavigator for Android: if they have already purchased an earlier version of the software, they can download the full version update of the European version from Android Market from tomorrow on. The regional version will be available from the middle of September.
Customers with a Telekom Deutschland mobile phone contract can now get the basic version of NAVIGON select from there free of charge.4 The individual packages can easily be added via In App Purchase; these will then be invoiced as part of the mobile phone bill. The NAVIGON select packages cost between €9.95 and €29.95, depending on the features. For the first time there is also an All-In-One package that activates all the features and is available as a NAVIGON voucher in Telekom shops.
The full version for new customers is initially available in the European version (EU 405) for €89.95. From 15 September it will also be available in the regional versions for €59.95. Both versions can be purchased via Google Checkout . Spontaneous individuals will be pleased to discover that the full version (EU 40) is available for an attractive introductory price of just €59.95 until 14 September. The regional versions are also available at a reduced price for two weeks after their launch, costing €39.95 instead of €59.95 during this period.

1 Initially only available in countries where Google Checkout is provided in Android Market.
2 The camera recognises special destinations within a radius of around 500 metres. If there are no or only a few POIs within this radius, the Reality Scanner extends the radius to 1,000 metres and beyond.
3 The NAVIGON select Telekom Edition Android is currently available for smartphones made by HTC, Samsung, LG and Sony Ericsson.
4 The Try&Buy option is no longer available in countries with Google Checkout due to the new payment system.

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