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Update 1.6.0 supplies NAVIGON MobileNavigator iPhone with new features and latest maps

NAVIGON has released update 1.6.0 for all versions of MobileNavigator iPhone. Users will now receive the latest map material and numerous features developed for the iPhone 4 and the new iOS 4 operating system for free.

IFA2010_3D View_L_big_Montage Berlin, IFA 2010 – One year ago NAVIGON MobileNavigator started its success story in the Apple App Store. Until now NAVIGON guides over one million people worldwide with the iPhone. Good news for those: the free update 1.6.0 updates the navigation app in several respects. It is tailored to the iOS 4 iPhone operating system and the iPhone 4 and, in addition to new features, also contains the latest available map material.

Customised app for iOS 4 and the iPhone 4
The update supports the new multi-tasking function in the iOS 4 iPhone operating system. When another application is opened or there is an incoming call, navigation positioning and voice guidance continues in the background.1 When the user returns to the navigation, he sees the application in the same menu view as before. Some of the graphics in MobileNavigator have also been optimised for the iPhone 4. Buttons and controls are now even more exact on the high resolution Retina display.

Audio directions
Update 1.6.0 includes numerous features that make navigation even more convenient. With “Pedestrian Mode Voice Guidance”, users can find their destination without continually looking at the display. “Our new innovation is a great feature, not only for people with limited sight but also for joggers, for example,” says Gerhard Mayr, Vice President World-Wide Mobile Phone Business at NAVIGON. “Following requests from many of our customers, we have integrated this function in the update.” Other features also ensure that iPhone customers are well-informed about their route and their destination before they set off on their journey. “Clever Parking” assists them in finding a place to park at their destination. With “Weather Live “2 users can find out what the weather is like along the calculated route and at their destination when entering the address. A clear list, known as “Extended Destination Information”, displays all the details regarding parking options, the weather or POIs, meaning that users get all the relevant information at a glance and are given comprehensive details about their route and their destination before they start their journey. The “Reality View" feature has also been improved, enabling more exits and motorway junctions in additional countries to be displayed realistically.

Update for all MobileNavigator versions
In addition to the update for the Europe version and the EU10 version, all other versions of MobileNavigator iPhone 1.6.0 will be available in the Apple App Store soon – for example for North America, USA My Region, Australia, South Africa and the British Isles.

1 Spoken announcements can be masked out in the background if required.
2 Live services access data from the mobile Web. The cost of this depends on the individual mobile contract.

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