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Upgrade for the NAVIGON 84 Series: six new features ensure greater safety and comfort

Users can upgrade their 84 Series device in no time at all. Six new features upgrade the navigator to the NAVIGON 8410 Premium Edition and NAVIGON 8450 Live Premium Edition. Among the features are Active Lane Assistant, NAVIGON Sightseeing and City View 3D 2.0. The NAVIGON 8450 Live Premium Edition upgrade also includes the new Live Services Fuel Live and Events Live.

IFA2010_NAVIGON8410_PremiumEdition_Right_RealCity3D_ALLBerlin, IFA 2010 – New features for the best in class. The NAVIGON 8410 can now be upgraded to the NAVIGON 8410 Premium Edition and the NAVIGON 8450 Live can be upgraded to the NAVIGON 8450 Live Premium Edition. These incorporate six new features:  Active Lane Assistant, NAVIGON MyBest POI, City View 3D 2.0, One-Click Menu, NAVIGON Sightseeing Tours1 and NAVIGON Sightseeing. This means that drivers not only arrive safely and comfortably at their destination, but also get useful information on tourist attractions along the way. “With this upgrade, we are making sure that our customers, particularly those in the premium segment, have access to new developments for their NAVIGON devices,” says Jörn Watzke, executive vice- president of Product Line Management at NAVIGON, “It means that our existing customers can benefit straight away from the latest innovations featured on the new devices.”

Six new features for the premium navigatorsKASTEN_8410PremiumEdition_EN
The feature sextet that comes with the upgrade provides better orientation, particularly when driving through unfamiliar cities. Active Lane Assistant shows you when and which way you need to indicate for lane changes with a dynamic travelling animation, ensuring the driver is well prepared for the road ahead, for even greater safety, even in busy commuter traffic. With City View3D 2.0 users get a true-to-life and three-dimensional view of cities. Footpaths alongside the road are visually accentuated; houses are realistically displayed, from the colours to the roofs. Since these are displayed transparently along the route, drivers have a clear view of the road ahead and any special destinations at all times. Thanks to NAVIGON MyBest POI, users will always have their favourite POIs in sight. Once they have set their favourite points of interest, with just once click they can get information on museums, filling stations or motorway services along the route. The POI display is automatically shown and hidden, which means a larger section of the map can be seen. NAVIGON Sightseeing provides an overview of all the tourist attractions in the area. This feature presents detailed information on points of interest, such as telephone numbers, opening times, pictures and reviews by the MERIAN editorial team. With one pre-installed route per country, NAVIGON Sightseeing Tours guides you along notable tourist routes. One-Click Menu displays the menu bar and three POIs of your choice. It hides any information that isn’t currently needed, increasing the size of the map area that can be seen.

New Live features in a double pack
The NAVIGON 8450 Live upgrade supplements familiar Live Services2 like Traffic Live3 with the new real-time services Fuel Live and Events Live4. Fuel Live5 provides an overview of every filling station along the route and in the immediate vicinity at the touch of a button. These are shown on the map as POIs. Alongside the fuel price, a green “thumbs up” symbol indicates filling stations that are particularly cheap. Events Live6 offers the opportunity of searching for events at the current location or in the region. Users can choose between different categories before the navigation device displays an overview of suitable events. In addition, detailed information on location, times and ticket prices can also be obtained. The services can be accessed via the Live Service Menu before or during the journey.
The upgrades for the NAVIGON 8410 Premium Edition and the NAVIGON 8450 Live Premium Edition cost €69.95 and can be downloaded via NAVIGON Fresh and the NAVIGON online shop from the end of September.

1 Auf dem Gerät ist eine Route pro Land vorinstalliert. NAVIGON Sightseeing Tours kann mit über 100 Strecken in 14 Ländern Europas erweitert werden.
2 Traffic Live, Google Local Search, Wetter Live, Clever Parking Live, Mobile Radarfallen Live
3 Der dynamische Verkehrsinformationsdienst Traffic Live deckt 18 Länder ab. Darunter sind jetzt auch Irland, Polen, Slowenien und Ungarn.
4 Somit bestehen die Live Services Pro aus den sieben Echtzeit-Services Traffic Live, Google Local Search, Wetter Live, Clever Parking Live, Mobile Radarfallen Live sowie den neuen Diensten Tanken Live und Events Live. 
5 Tanken Live ist in Deutschland, Belgien, Frankreich, Italien, Luxemburg, Niederlande, Portugal, Spanien, Vereinigtes Königreich verfügbar.
6 Events Live funktioniert in Belgien, Dänemark, Deutschland, Estland, Finnland, Frankreich, Griechenland, Irland, Island, Italien, Lettland, Luxemburg, Monaco, Niederlande, Norwegen, Österreich, Polen, Portugal, Schweden, Schweiz, Spanien, Türkei, Ungarn, Vereinigtes Königreich.


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