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Individualisation en route – two million smartphone owners navigate with NAVIGON apps

With the continuous expansion of the “select” concept, NAVIGON is reacting to the social trend of individualisation. Only a few days before the start of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona NAVIGON welcomes the two millionth user of NAVIGON smartphone solutions. For this reason customers now benefit from price reductions of different NAVIGON MobileNavigator versions and In App Purchases – such as Michelin Guides or Traffic Live.

2mio_users_final_lowresHamburg, February 10 2011 – NAVIGON leads the pack: with the introduction of the “select” concept, NAVIGON has become the first company in the sector to latch on to the social trend of individualisation. For example, thanks to the navigation app, users who have a contract with Deutsche Telekom can customise their own navigation solution: “Smartphone owners only choose applications that suit their individual requirements,” says Gerhard Mayr, Vice President World-Wide Mobile Phone Business. “For this reason, the perfect navigation solution is the one that can be self-assembled.” The Hamburg-based navigation specialists currently help millions of car drivers to get to their destination with their navigation solutions for smartphones. “The sharply increasing download figures for both the NAVIGON select versions and the full version show that we are heading in the right direction with our concept,” says Mayr. “Our aim is to continuously expand both versions in the future.” In order to give more people worldwide the opportunity to navigate with NAVIGON on their smartphone, NAVIGON now offers a special price reduction. From February 10 to February 13 users get 50 percent discount on the NAVIGON MobileNavigator and 25 percent discount on all available In App Purchases, regardless of the smartphone operating system.

Great freedom of choice – NAVIGON select or the full version
The success story of NAVIGON select began with the introduction of the app for Telekom customers in Germany. Subsequently, NAVIGON took the successful modular system to other countries and different smartphone platforms – including iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7.  Customers can add various feature packages of their choice to the free basic version NAVIGON select. There are up to seven additional packages available to users – including the Safety & Relax package and the Traffic Live package. If they choose the full version, they have access to the complete range of functions of the MobileNavigator .  This demonstrates yet again that we have developed a real win-win model in NAVIGON select: it isn’t just a success from NAVIGON’s perspective, it also offers mobile-network operators enormous added value to pass on to their customers, who in turn really appreciate and welcome it.

Different versions for additional platforms
The continuous expansion into further smartphone operating systems is progressing. Over the course of the first quarter of 2011 the NAVIGON software will be made available for the operating system Bada, in cooperation with Samsung Australia. Therefore, there will be three different variations of the smartphone application: in cooperation with a mobile-network operator like Telekom Deutschland, alongside a device manufacturer such as Samsung or as the NAVIGON full version. NAVIGON is planning to expand the different versions of the app to include further platforms and countries in the future. “For us, this sales strategy has stood out as the perfect combination,” says Gerhard Mayr. “In this way, we can offer our customers the greatest possible freedom of choice for their mobile navigation solution.”

Prices and availability
From today until February 13 NAVIGON offers 50 percent discount on all full versions of NAVIGON MobileNavigator. At the same time all NAVIGON In App Purchases will be 25 percent off, too.

In App Purchases – Highlights

Traffic Live EU for €14,99 (instead of €19,99)
The MICHELIN Red Guide: €14,99 (instead of €19,99)
The MICHELIN Green Guide: €10,99 (instead of €14,99)
Panorama View 3D: €6,99 (instead of €9,99)

Select In Apps Highlights – iPhone
Premium Package, Safety&Relax Package and Sound&Fun Package each €6,99 (instead of €9,99)


Android Traffic Live EU for €14,95 (instead of €19,95)

Select In Apps Highlights – Android
Premium Package, Safety&Relax Package and Sound&Fun Package each €6,95 (instead of €9,95)

NAVIGON MobileNavigator

MobileNavigator Android EU40 for €44,95 (instead of €89,95)
Android Regional for €29,95 (instead of €59,95)
MobileNavigator iPhone EU40 for €44,99 (instead of €89,99)
MobileNavigator iPhone EU10 for €37,49 (instead of €74,99)

Please find further information regarding NAVIGON online or contact us directly: and Corresponding image material can be found in the NAVIGON press portal: (Username: presse; password: navigonmedia).

1 NAVIGON select for iPhone is available in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Poland and the Netherlands. The version for Android is available in Germany and Australia, the version for Windows Phone 7 in Germany. (as at February 2011)
2 The full version of MobileNavigator is currently available in Germany for iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile platforms.

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NAVIGON AG is a world-leading manufacturer of navigation systems from Germany. With its own portable navigation devices and thanks to partnerships with reputable consumer electronics manufacturers NAVIGON stands for premium quality GPS software for pocket PCs, PNDs und mobiles. Furthermore NAVIGON offers professional navigation solutions such as driver assistance components for the automotive OEM market. NAVIGON was established in 1991, subsidiaries can be found in Asia, Europe and North America. - NAVIGON. And the world is yours.

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