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Feature preview for the MobileNavigator iPhone

NAVIGON is providing a foretaste of the new features for the MobileNavigator iPhone. “Reality Scanner” and “NAVIGON Camper and Caravan Navigation” are set to be available for the app in the near future.

Barcelona, Mobile World Congress 2011 – NAVIGON is giving iPhone owners a foretaste of the new features developed for the future version of the MobileNavigator. Users will soon be able to use NAVIGON_MobileNavigator_iPhone_lowresthe “Reality Scanner” and “NAVIGON Camper and Caravan Navigation” on their iPhone. “The increased utility value for our customers is not solely due to the new features,” says Gerhard Mayr, Vice President World-Wide Mobile Phone Business at NAVIGON. “It is often the case that a combination of new and tried-and-trusted features results in improved application possibilities. The planned upgrade of pedestrian navigation to include the Reality Scanner is a good example of this.”

To points of interest with camera and GPS receiverKasten_iPhoneMWC_englisch
With the Reality Scanner, going for a walk turns into a guided tour of the city. With the help of the iPhone camera and the GPS receiver, the feature locates points of interest in the immediate vicinity.  The name, symbol and distance to the point of interest then appear on the display above the camera image. If users click on a POI symbol, a window opens with additional information. If interested, they can be guided directly to the selected destination.

NAVIGON Camper and Caravan Navigation
Thanks to a new feature available as In App Purchase, the iPhone is not only a useful companion on foot, but also when driving with a caravan or motorhome. The NAVIGON Camper and Caravan Navigation only suggests routes that are suitable for larger vehicles with greater loads. For such vehicles, an individual profile can be created by entering the length, height and weight. The feature then excludes low bridges or narrow streets.
The MobileNavigator can also be individually upgraded with additional content via In App Purchases.

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1 The camera recognises POIs within a radius of approximately 500 meters. If there are no or only a few POIs within this radius, the Reality Scanner extends its radius to 1000 meters and beyond.

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