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Intuitive operating experience: NAVIGON launches its new navigation software, NAVIGON Flow

NAVIGON presents its new navigation software, NAVIGON Flow. With a clear display, easy-to-understand structure and intuitive operation, the company is setting new standards in user-friendliness with its user interface. The first devices with NAVIGON Flow will be presented at the IFA.

Hamburg and Munich, IFA PreViews 2011 – NAVIGON Flow has arrived. After two years in development, the navigation specialist from Hamburg presents its new, user-friendly navigation software. “Our aim was to develop navigation software that better displays the important functions in the user’s field of vision and, above all, sets new standards through its ease of use and easy-to-understand structure,” says Jörn Watzke, executive vice-president of Product Line Management at NAVIGON AG, “We are delighted that we have achieved this with NAVIGON Flow.”

Clear structure

NAVIGON Flow_MainMenu_UK_lowresThe clear structure of the user interface is at the heart of NAVIGON Flow. There are three central menus that contain all the standard functions and are arranged next to each other. Switching between “Destination Entry”, “Map View” and “Navigation Options” is like turning the pages of a book, which means that users can display the adjacent menu without interrupting navigation. The toolbar under the menus has easy-to-understand icons to provide additional orientation – the active view is highlighted orange. “When developing the simplified menu structure we paid particular attention to the valuable user feedback we have received in recent years,” says Jörn Watzke, “And with a great deal of success: when various navigation systems were compared in focus group tests, the majority of users confirmed that NAVIGON Flow was the navigation software with the easiest and best user guidance.” NAVIGON Flow provides direct access to the features and settings that are used most often. Users can find further information by accessing a “More Menu”, which includes special features as well as settings that are used less frequently.

Animated screen transitions

Even visually, the new operating system has a great deal to offer: thanks to animated screen transitions users know exactly where they are within the application at all times. If they change to an adjacent function area, the new overview “docks” onto the outgoing screen. In addition, users can easily control various options from the destination entry screen. By clicking on the “More Menu” symbol, the current destination view “spins” out of the picture and the option menu appears. Subsequently, users can select between “Country Info”, “Search Nearby” or “Save as Home Address”. “The screen animations are more than just a nice-looking gimmick,” says Jörn Watzke, “They make it easier for the user to find their way around the application because they understand how the system works and where the individual menu items are organised.”

Intuitive operation, larger buttons and intelligent menus

The restructuring makes it possible to operate the navigation device more intuitively – the finger gravitates almost automatically to the place where a certain function can be activated. At the same time, individual features can be displayed at the touch of a button or by means of intuitive touches. Furthermore, larger buttons and text make it easier to enter details. One further highlight are the menus, which offer input options relevant to the context: for instance, if users access the destination entry menu screen in the middle of navigation, the system detects the active route guidance and therefore asks whether the user wishes to enter a POI along the route or enter a new destination.

New  extention options for the future

NAVIGON Flow has been designed in such a way that enables easy upgrading also for future features without a loss of clarity. This means the three central displays – Destination Entry, Map View and Navigation Options – can be upgraded with additional application areas. As a result, services such as NAVIGON Live can be integrated. These will have an own symbol on the toolbar and could be selected with one click.

NAVIGON will be giving an initial insight into the new navigation software at the IFA PreView events in Germany. The first devices with NAVIGON Flow will be presented at IFA.

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