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Navigation with Flow – Innovative NAVIGON software makes navigation easier than ever

NAVIGON presents its new device series with NAVIGON Flow at IFA: thanks to the “NAVIGON Flow” navigation software, the devices in the 42, 72 and 92 series impress with their intuitive operation. Clear displays, an easy-to-understand structure and the simple navigation with gestures set new standards in the navigation market. Users can choose the right navigation device from a total of ten new devices, each with varying features. The first models are available in shops from September.

Kasten_StrategyPND_enBerlin, IFA 2011 – NAVIGON is launching ten new navigation devices. Despite the variety of features, the devices in the 42, 72 and 92 series all have one thing in common: NAVIGON Flow. The navigation specialist from Hamburg has developed the user-friendly navigation software over the past two years with the aim of making the devices intuitively operable. “The best products are those that combine high-performance features with easy operation,” says Jörn Watzke, Executive Vice President of Product Line Management at NAVIGON AG. “With NAVIGON Flow and our new generation of devices, we are setting new standards in this regard. Thanks to the wide selection in the various categories, everyone can easily find the right device for their needs.”

Intuitive operation and a greater overview

The new NAVIGON Flow navigation software offers greater convenience and safety with its clear structure and intuitive operation. Users can find the most important functions in the three central menu areas “Destination entry”, “Map view” and “Navigation options”, which are arranged next to each other. They can switch between these without interrupting the current navigation. A function bar provides additional orientation with easy-to-understand icons. Thanks to animated screen transitions, users always know where they currently are within the application. In addition to the clear structure, NAVIGON Flow can be operated more intuitively: individual features can be displayed by using the buttons or through simple gestures. Users can for example switch to a neighbouring menu with one horizontal swipe across the display. Focus group tests with different navigation manufacturers indicate: NAVIGON Flow is easier to understand than any other of mobile navigation devices.
Three device classes for greater choice

NAVIGON has put together its new navigation devices in three model series: all the devices in the 42 series feature a 4.3" display. The four models in the 72 series and the navigators in the 92 series feature a 5" display. Furthermore, the screens of the 92 series devices are made of capacitive glass, which makes the display particularly sensitive for controlling the new navigation software with gestures. As before, within the various series, the suffixes Easy, Plus and Premium indicate the different features available – the word “Live” indicates that the devices are additionally equipped with real-time services such as NAVIGON Traffic Live or Google Local Search.

The right range of features for every need

Within the various model series, users can choose the device with the specifications that best suit their needs. “To allow better comparability, we have designed the feature sets of the various series to be consistent,” says Jörn Watzke. “For instance, if you opt for the Plus range of features, you get the same functions – regardless of whether it’s the 42 series or the 92 series.” Easy devices offer all the basic features – from the “Active Lane Assistant” to map material for 23 European countries. The Plus models additionally offer users maps for 44 countries, and they can also use “Text-to-Speech” where street names and traffic notifications are read. In the Premium category, further features are available – among them “NAVTEQ Traffic” and a Bluetooth hands-free set. Users who choose the Live devices – 72 Plus Live or 92 Premium Live – can use two or six real-time services respectively.


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About NAVIGON AG – a GARMIN company:

The German company Navigon AG was founded in 1991 and is a leading supplier of satellite navigation devices. In July 2011, the company was acquired by Garmin Ltd. and operates as a fully-owned subsidiary. The Navigon brand offers mobile navigation devices (PNDs), smartphone navigation applications, and solutions for the automotive OEM industry.

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