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NAVIGON equips the Volkswagen up! with a flexible infotainment system

“maps+more” is the name of the clever infotainment system that NAVIGON has custom-designed exclusively for the new Volkswagen up! The portability of the device and its ability to communicate with the vehicle opens up new possibilities for the user. For instance, the map material can be easily updated. Besides a modern navigation solution, the device is also a clever infotainment system that features a media player capable of controlling a built-in radio and displaying information about the vehicle. “maps+more” can be purchased optionally when buying the up!

Kasten_maps_more_enIAA Frankfurt, 14 September 2011 – The infotainment heart of the new Volkswagen up! is a NAVIGON: the navigation experts got together with the vehicle manufacturer to develop the “maps+more” system for the recently unveiled small car from Volkswagen. Upon purchasing the car, the five-inch device can be ordered as an optional extra directly from the factory. The buyer gets a versatile portable infotainment device (PID) that is integrated into the vehicle but can nonetheless be used flexibly. “As a mobile yet integrated device, maps+more offers completely new possibilities,” says Peter Schubert, Vice President Automotive at NAVIGON. “It also means that we can fully live up to the expectations of the up! owners, because, just like the new up!, maps+more offers the highest quality, practicality and innovation, not to mention outstanding value for money.”

Cooperation between two specialists

In NAVIGON, Volkswagen has chosen a specialist with many years of experience in the automobile navigation market for the development of the innovative navigation solution. Talking about the cooperation, Dr Ulrich Hackenberg, board member in the area of development at Volkswagen, said: “For the up! we wanted an affordable infotainment solution that can be easily updated with apps and updates. That is why Volkswagen developed maps+more in conjunction with Navigon. The result was a portable system that merges with the vehicle’s on-board system. This significantly distinguishes maps+more from many other mobile systems.” Through the partnership with Volkswagen, NAVIGON is decisively strengthening its automotive segment. “We are highly delighted to be able to support Volkswagen with our expertise,” says Peter Schubert from NAVIGON. “The fact that we are also visible with our brand in the Volkswagen up! is a huge honour.”

From navigation to listening to music – maps+more is versatile

Volkswagen_up_interior_lowresmaps+more is a modern navigation solution and control unit in one: with the help of the device, users can not only navigate, but also centrally control the radio, media player and hands-free set. Since there is a link to the CAN bus of the car, useful information about the vehicle can be accessed, such as average fuel consumption, driving time, or the number of revolutions per minute. During the journey, the device is powered with electricity from the car battery. Just like a normal PND, the PID can also be taken out of the car upon arrival. This flexibility not only reduces the risk of theft, but also increases the versatility of the device. For instance, the navigator can also be used for the final part of the journey on foot, or, with an additional holder, it can also be used in a different vehicle, such as a hire car.

Think Blue. Trainer and fuel indicator

Thanks to the integration of maps+more in the technology of the vehicle, users also get additional information about their vehicle: for example, the device warns the driver in good time if the car is low on fuel – users can then navigate directly to the nearest service station. Furthermore, the PID supports existing functions on the vehicle via an additional visual display. When parking, drivers not only hear the signal of the parking assistant, they can also see on the display the side of the vehicle on which the obstacle is located and how far away it is. Thanks to the door warner, one look is all it takes to notice that one of the car doors is open.1 The “Think Blue. Trainer” ensures efficient and environmentally friendly driving: with the aid of statistics, the display shows the current fuel consumption and advises on fuel-efficient driving.

Up-to-date maps at all times

Drivers can conveniently update the map material on maps+more at any time and it is easier than with conventional built-in systems. They just need to connect the device to the maps+more store – which is based on NAVIGON Fresh – via a USB cable and a PC. The latest maps can then be downloaded via an existing Internet connection. In order to always stay up to date with the latest maps, users can purchase the NAVIGON FreshMaps update option. By doing so, the latest map material can be downloaded every three months for two years. 2 Within the first 30 days, the NAVIGON latest map guarantee also comes into effect: if newer maps are available than the ones installed on the device at the time of its first use, users can download the latest map material free of charge on a one-off basis. Besides the map material, a lot of additional content is available to download from the Volkswagen portal and NAVIGON Fresh – such as the motoring fine catalogue and travel guides from Merian or Michelin.

Greater comfort and safety thanks to current navigation features

The navigation solution includes highlights from the current generation of navigation devices. Thus the navigator ensures a safe drive and a relaxed arrival. These highlights include “Reality View Pro” and “Panorama View 3D”. Reality View Pro displays realistic motorway junctions and exits – including the actual exit number. Thanks to Panorama View 3D, landscapes are displayed three-dimensionally with mountains and valleys. The “Lane Assistant Pro” provides orientation at all times, even in hectic urban traffic: with the help of an additional display, it informs the driver of the lane they need to be in for turning manoeuvres. Thanks to the points of interest (POI) displayed on the map, drivers always know where to find destinations such as service stations and restaurants. Furthermore, the navigation functions on the device can be upgraded with numerous additional features, like TMC Pro or 3D city models.

Availability and scope of delivery

Besides the device, the scope of delivery includes the holder, a USB cable and a quick-start guide. If drivers opt for maps+more when purchasing their Volkswagen up! then the relevant instrument will be incorporated into the dashboard. The device can be very easily anchored there with the help of the holder. The PID is supplied with power and vehicle information via contact points on the rear side. Those who may want to use the device in a second vehicle can purchase an additional holder and charging cable. maps+more can then be used as a  regular navigation device in other vehicles.

Further information about NAVIGON is available online: Alternatively please contact: Up-to-date pictures can be downloaded from the media portal: (User name: presse; Password: navigonmedia).

1 Functions like the parking assistant or door warner are only visually supported by maps+more if they are part of the vehicle’s specification.
2 Customers who register at within 30 days of using the device for the first time receive an 80 per cent discount on NAVIGON FreshMaps.

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The German company Navigon AG was founded in 1991 and is a leading supplier of satellite navigation devices. In July 2011, the company was acquired by Garmin Ltd. and operates as a fully-owned subsidiary. The Navigon brand offers mobile navigation devices (PNDs), smartphone navigation applications, and solutions for the automotive OEM industry.

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