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iPhone navigation breaks new ground: NAVIGON - a Garmin company presents version 2.0 of the successful iPhone app

“NAVIGON 2.0 for iPhone” offers numerous groundbreaking innovations. With NAVIGON MyMaps, the new function for managing maps, users are free to decide which maps they would like to store on their iPhone. Latest Map Guarantee ensures that the very latest map material is available immediately after purchase. Thanks to the integration of NAVIGON FreshMaps XL, iPhone and iPad users now have the option to acquire regular map updates. Furthermore, the revised user interface makes operating the app even more intuitive.

Hamburg, 17 November 2011 – NAVIGON is now offering a new generation of its navigation solution for iPhone and iPad. “NAVIGON 2.0 for iPhone” features various innovations. With NAVIGON FreshMaps XL, regular map updates are available for the first time. Every quarter for a minimum of 24 months, users can access the latest map material. Users of the regional versions can upgrade their app with NAVIGON FreshMaps XL to a European version that includes 44 countries.

Groundbreaking map management with MyMaps

Kasten_iPhone_EN“Using Wi-Fi, the NAVIGON MyMaps map manager allows users to equip their application with precisely the maps they need for their forthcoming journey,” explains Gerhard Mayr, Vice President Worldwide Mobile Phone Business at NAVIGON. “This frees up storage space for other content such as music or videos, while still facilitating navigation without a data connection.” Individual maps can be selected from the regional or EU package.


New operating concept for improved user-friendliness

The new generation of NAVIGON apps for Apple’s iOS operating system features a particularly clear structure. The new user interface facilitates easier switching between the individual functions. This way the user has access to the most important menu functions within the map view. Settings and actions are being separated clearly while navigating. With NAVIGON 2.0 for iPhone the map is being focussed and in several menus remains visible semi-transparently in the background.
Additionally, numerous functions can be controlled by iPhone typical multi-touch gestures. As a result, it is easier to rotate or enlarge maps, for instance.

New functions and in-app purchases

iPHONE_4_MainMenu_lowresThe app can be conveniently individualized with various in-app purchases – such as Mobile Safety Camera Live, which warns users about mobile and fixed speed cameras. Users are also able to report speed cameras and receive information on such reports from other drivers in real time. In many languages there is the option to choose between a male and female voice. If equipped with Traffic Live, users also have the option to have traffic reports spoken aloud. This ensures greater safety – particularly in situations that require increased levels of concentration.

Prices and availability

All users of NAVIGON MobileNavigator can now download the update free of charge from the Apple App Store. During the promotional period between 17 and 30 of November, new customers have the opportunity to purchase the app at a reduced introductory price. The Europe version costs €59.99 instead of €89.99; the EU10 version costs €49.99 instead of €74.99. This is a 33 per cent discount. NAVIGON FreshMaps XL is also available at a reduced price during this period. The map subscription can be bought simply as an in-app purchase for a one-off fee. The Europe version costs €14.99 (instead of €29.99), and the regional versions cost €24.99 (instead of €49.99). Of course In-app packages that have already been purchased can still be used as before. .In order to download the map material an internet connection is necessary. If you only update the software without the maps, the download calls upon less time accordingly.

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