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“NAVIGON Flow” and new maps – Upgrades to bring 40 and 70 series devices right up to speed

Users with a NAVIGON 40 or 70 series device can now take advantage of six new upgrades to bring their trusted PNDs up to speed with the latest generation. The upgrades equip devices with the intuitive navigation software NAVGION Flow, as well as additional maps and new features. These upgrades are available now to download via NAVIGON Fresh for €69.95.

Hamburg, 16 December 2011 – NAVIGON has launched six new upgrades, which will bring devices from the 40 and 70 series right up to date with the cutting edge of mobile navigation.1 Along NAVIGON_Upgrade-Visual_70Easy-72Pluswith the intuitive navigation software “NAVIGON Flow”, the upgrades also provide PNDs with additional and current maps as well as new functions. “The upgrades offer users the chance to use new functions on their existing devices,” says Jörn Watzke, Executive Vice President Product Line Management at NAVIGON. “The combination of the latest features and the navigation software NAVIGON Flow gives a whole new user experience.” NAVIGON Flow also provides a significant improvement in terms of traffic routing, as little interaction is required for the user to gain a good overview of the alternative route suggestions.

Everything from new maps to “Panorama View3D”

Kasten_UpgradeToNavigonFlow_enThe upgrade2 provides all devices of the 40 and 70 series – from Easy and Plus to Premium – with map material for 44 countries in Europe, as well as the intuitive navigation software NAVIGON Flow. This not only makes operating simpler than ever, but also gives a better overview – for example, thanks to a function bar with easy-to-understand icons in the navigation menu. The Easy devices also get “Text-to-Speech” in 13 languages3. This service reads out the names of roads and exits as well as their distances. The NAVIGON 40 Easy also includes “Spoken TMC”, “One-Click-Menu” and “Premium TMC” for France and the UK.4 This feature is also available after the upgrade for owners of a NAVIGON 40 Plus5 or NAVIGON 70 Plus. Users who upgrade a NAVIGON 40 Premium will also enjoy Premium TMC for Germany as well as “Panorama View3D” and “Landmark View3D”.

Price and availability

These upgrades are available now to download via NAVIGON Fresh for €69.956.

Further information about NAVIGON is available online: Alternatively please contact: Up-to-date pictures can be downloaded from the media portal: (User name: presse; Password: navigonmedia).

1 After the installation of the upgrade devices will lose functions such as PIN-Protection, Sync Contacts, Track & Track Recording. The upgrades are only compatible with devices which do not have the “Truck Navigation” function.
2 Users who had ”Landmark View 3D” installed on a NAVIGON 40 Easy or NAVIGON 40 Plus will no longer be able to use this feature after the upgrade as the device will have insufficient memory for 3D displays of tourist attractions.
3 These are Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.
4 The NAVIGON 70 Plus also has Premium TMC for Finland. 
5 Premium TMC for Sweden and Norway is no longer available after the upgrade.
6 Registered customers, who have already signed on the newsletter, will receive the upgrades for the special price of €49.95.

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The German company Navigon GmbH was founded in 1991 and is a leading supplier of satellite navigation devices. In July 2011, the company was acquired by Garmin Ltd. and operates as a fully-owned subsidiary. The Navigon brand offers mobile navigation devices (PNDs), smartphone navigation applications, and solutions for the automotive OEM industry.

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