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IFA 2009: NAVIGON takes an innovative direction with new product portfolio

At this year‘s IFA, NAVIGON is showcasing its latest innovations, with new products, features and services for its navigation devices. The use of advanced technologies turns NAVIGON‘s digital navigators into even more valuable travel companions. NAVIGON is introducing real pedestrian navigation that acts as a reliable guide to final destinations when on foot from your parking space. The new NAVIGON Live Services provide real- time updates on traffic, parking availability and POIs. NAVIGON is also introducing new features in its premium devices, such as photo-realistic navigation in European cities, and a capacitive touchscreen, real glass display.

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Hamburg, 3 September 2009 – At IFA, NAVIGON is showcasing its brand new, smart functions for its entry, high-end and premium models.
One of the main highlights of the new features is NAVIGON’s new pedestrian navigation offering. Pedestrian navigation will be available in all new NAVIGON models launched at IFA. NAVIGON customers can now experience the highest quality navigation at all times, even outside of their car, should they wish to be directed to their selected destination on foot. When a destination cannot be reached by car, NAVIGON’s pedestrian navigation allows you to take a route through pedestrian zones, parks or older parts of town. This is made possible by functions such as NAVIGON Last Mile, which automatically saves the position where the car is parked. You can then use pedestrian navigation for the final part of your journey, activated in just a few clicks. On the way home, all the user needs to do is select “My Vehicle”, the saved destination, to be guided back to their car. With the launch of pedestrian navigation, NAVIGON now offers users an all-round navigation service.
Another NAVIGON highlight at IFA is the launch of its Live Services, which benefit from a well-thought-out payment model. Both at home and abroad, users of the new Premium device, the NAVIGON 8450 Live and the new high-end model the NAVIGON 6350 Live, can access real-time information via the external NAVIGON Live Module in 321 countries across Europe, without incurring charges extra to the subscription fee2. The Live Services include the latest traffic news (Traffic Live), positioning of mobile radar speed detectors (Mobile Safety Camera Live), information about available parking spaces (Clever Parking Live), the weather forecast at any location as well as en route (Weather Live), and the option to search for an unlimited number of personal points of interest selected by the user, such as restaurants or businesses (Google Local Search).

A new standard: The Premium devices NAVIGON 8410 | 8450 Live
The high-tech NAVIGON 8410 | NAVIGON 8450 Live devices, with their combination of unique features, multimedia highlights, superior design and the use of high-quality materials, provide an unbeatable navigation experience.
The capacitive real glass display reacts to the lightest of touches, and is an example of the best the market has to offer. A diagonal stroke across the 5-inch display activates the voice command function, Voice Interaction Pro, which allows the user to communicate in a very natural way with the device. Real City3D is also the first function of its kind in the world for navigation devices. This photo-realistic navigation provides a true-to-detail display of houses, streets, building facades, zebra crossings and traffic lights in a selection of European cities. The 84-series models also offer premium entertainment features, with the optional TV module for DVB-T reception, the navigator can even be turned into a TV3. The NAVIGON 8450 Live also provides users with NAVIGON Live Services via the NAVIGON Live Module4.

High end with an elegant design: NAVIGON 6310 | 6350 Live
In the high end segment, NAVIGON Live Services are available in the NAVIGON 6350 Live, and as with the NAVIGON 8410, the NAVIGON 6310 can be equipped with the NAVIGON Live Module for GPRS reception. The NAVIGON 63-models are also equipped with an even more comprehensive range of features than its predecessors. For example, with the improved Professional Voice Command 2.0, which allows relaxed and precise communication with the device. With its 4.3", 16:9 format display, chrome edging around the glossy black casing and the specially designed car holder, the 63-models have an elegant appearance.

Extra value at entry level: NAVIGON 1400 | 1410 and NAVIGON 2400 | 2410
With their combined top-quality in-car and pedestrian navigation systems, the new, compact 3.5-inch display devices in the entry level make both driving and walking to your destination a relaxed experience. The NAVIGON Last Mile function guides users comfortably in pedestrian mode from the car to their destination, and back again.
For those who are often out and about with their navigator on foot, the NAVIGON 2400 | 2410 is a great navigational solution, as the “Premium Entry Models” are equipped with an E-Compass for orientation. Additionally, its energy-saving package, which reduces energy consumption by up to 50 percent, can increase the operating life in pedestrian mode to up to four hours. Thanks to a map display in portrait format, and a carrying strap, the device offers operating ease and comfort in the pedestrian mode.

1Not every NAVIGON Live Service is available in all locations
2A one-year subscription costs 79.95 Euro, a two-year contract costs 139.95 Euro
3NAVIGON’s digital TV Module is designed to match the devices and costs 59.95 Euro. 
4Incl. T-Mobile SIM-card.

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