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NAVIGON speaks in many different voices – new dialects available in German and English

NAVIGON navigation devices not only guide car drivers reliably to their destination but also make them smile: six English and six German dialects are now available to download from the online shop. Meaning that you can always navigate your way in the appropriate dialect on your next tour of Germany, for example.

NAVIGON_kartenservices_feature_visual_lustige_stimmenHamburg, 18 October 2009 – The winter sports season has begun and with it the season for long car journeys: around four million Germans alone head for the snow in their own vehicles every year. To make sure that such journeys do not turn into an ordeal, NAVIGON not only reliably plots the ideal route. The new “Funny Voices English Dialects” feature now extends the range of voice options for NAVIGON navigation devices and puts everyone in a good mood when going on their holidays. The software is available in two versions: in German and in English. Six different voices in each version, recorded by professional actors and voiceover artists, give you directions in various dialects.

Gerd babbles the directions in Hessian
In the German version, Gerd from Hesse babbles the directions, for example. You can also choose from Swabian Jürgen, Maria from Bavaria, Kalle from the Ruhr Valley, Saxon-speaking Mandy and Inge, who chats in the Hamburg dialect, enabling you to experience an extra special tour of Germany. “We are giving our customers the option of a humorous change with this feature,” says Jörn Watzke, vice-president of Product Line Management at NAVIGON. “This supports our general aim of helping our customers to have an easy and relaxed journey.”

Exotic: Latika navigates in Indian English

Six professional voiceover artists also give directions in the local lingo of various regions in the English version – Welsh Gwendolyn, for example. Coleen from Manchester, Ewan from Scotland and Cockney Pete from London also guide you to your destination. Bob navigates fans of the USA in real New Jersey slang. In the sixth option, Latika gives the route commands in exotic Indian English. “All versions are of the standard of quality and accuracy that is typical of NAVIGON, of course,” says Watzke. “All voices and dialects are easy to understand, meaning that navigation accuracy is always guaranteed.”
The new feature costs 19.95 euros per version and works on all devices that have been on the market since CEBIT 2008 and on the NAVIGON 2100, 5100 and 7100 devices.  As usual, installation is carried out via the NAVIGON Fresh online platform.

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