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NAVIGON MobileNavigator 1.4.0 is online

The new update of NAVIGON’s MobileNavigator 1.4.0 is now available at the Apple App Store and can be downloaded free of charge. Including 13 brand new features the navigation with the iPhone is even more comfortable and flexible than before. In addition, NAVIGON is reducing prices for the MobileNavigator as part of a global Christmas pricing campaign.

MN iPhone_Coordinates Input_P_Hamburg, 7 November 2009 – Even before Christmas, NAVIGON provides its iPhone users with the new version of its MobileNavigator, which can be downloaded at the Apple App Store free of charge. Nearly all regional versions are already online (DACH, Eastern Europe, BeNeLux, Nordics, British Isles und France). More versions1 will follow soon. As part of a global pricing campaign NAVIGON is reducing prices for MobileNavigator. The special prices apply from today to 11 January. During this period the European version costs  74.99 euros instead of 99.99 euros while the regional versions costs  54.99 euros instead of 69.99 euros.

New features for MobileNavigator
Navigation with iPhones is now even more convenient. The new “Country Info” feature comes into its own when the user crosses a country border, pointing out the country’s most important traffic regulations – such as the maximum permissible speeds or alcohol limits. The Emergency Help feature gives users a detailed description of their position in a dangerous situation. Within such predefined categories as petrol and police stations,, hospitals and pharmacies it is possible to call up a list of points of interest ordered according to distance.

Never miss an announcement even if you are listening to an audio book
With NAVIGON’s Turn-by-Turn RouteList, each step of the route is clearly listed during the journey. As soon as a manoeuvre has been completed the list is automatically updated. Another feature allows the driver to listen to music or audio books without missing any navigation announcements. In music mode the volume is automatically reduced during the voice announcement, while within audio book mode playback is automatically paused and then continued. If the GPS signal becomes too weak during the navigation, this is highlighted in red on the display. The MobileNavigator calculates the approximate position and continues the normal navigation as soon as the signal is strong enough again. In addition, the update includes the entire RadarInfo database.

MN iPhone_Pedestrian-Navigation_PIntuitive operation
As they navigate, users can zoom in on the map section both in the 2D and 3D display using the iPhone’s intuitive fingertip control. Traffic reports, as well, can be read in sequence and scrolled through at the flick of a finger – just like scrolling in Foto App. The most common destinations are now marked on the map and named. In addition, contacts and contact groups can be selected from the phone book as intermediate destinations. What is more, the update means the navigation software can be launched even more quickly.

NAVIGON App now also for iPod Touch and first-generation iPhone
Besides being available for the iPhone 3G and 3GS, the NAVIGON App now also runs on first-generation iPhones or an iPod Touch. This is effective immediately and independent from update 1.4.0. However, additional accessories are required for GPS navigation on these devices!


1 Iberia, Italy and Europe


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