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In a class of their own: the new premium NAVIGON 8450 Live and NAVIGON 8410 navigators

At this year’s IFA exhibition, NAVIGON will redefine the term “premium”. The high-tech NAVIGON 8450 Live and NAVIGON 8410 devices, with their combination of unique features, multimedia highlights, superior design and the use of high-quality materials, will provide an unbeatable navigation experience. The new NAVIGON Live Services can now access real-time information such as traffic updates, details of special destinations, and available parking spaces.

NAVIGON_8410_left_enHamburg, 3 September 2009 – Anyone who purchases a “premium” product expects to get the best a manufacturer has to offer. Anyone who opts for a NAVIGON premium model gets the best available technology across the entire navigation market. NAVIGON 8450 Live and NAVIGON 8410 devices are heralding a new age of navigation with new features that showcase the best of global innovation and an appearance that sets new standards in terms of quality of materials, workmanship and visual appeal. The new devices expand beyond the current operating range of navigation devices and through the new NAVIGON Live Services  provide a unique navigation experience.
“Our aim when devising a concept for new premium devices is always to set new standards and to add value,” says Jörn Watzke, vice-president of Product Line Management at NAVIGON. “This is precisely what we believe we have achieved by adding such a sophisticated and intelligent feature as Live Services.”
The new NAVIGON Live module, which comes as standard with the NAVIGON 8450 Live, gives access to real-time information about traffic news, nearby available parking spaces, the
position of speed detectors and local weather conditions. Users may also search for an unlimited number of points of interest such as restaurants or businesses in any given location. Data is available at no cost for a period of three months; following this, the service will cost 79.95 euros for a one-year contract, and 139.95 euros for a two-year contract, which includes unlimited access abroad. Customer opting for the one or two-year contract within the first 30 days of initial use will pay a discounted fee of 59.95 euros or 104.95 euros respectively for subscription to the data – a 25 per cent discount. All NAVIGON Live modules are equipped with SIM cards from NAVIGON’s strategic partner T-Mobile, this exempts users from avoid paying roaming charges or incurring any other costs whilst using the Live Services.

A pleasure for the senses

These premium navigators also reach new heights in appealing to our senses. “Both our new premium products not only look good, they feel high quality and offer very good sound quality. We have paid enormous attention to multimedia and display technology with these devices,” says Jörn Watzke. For example, the flat five-inch display has a genuine glass surface – a first for navigation devices – surrounded by a brushed-steel frame. “The 84-series models appeal to the user’s senses, ensuring that even touching the device is an experience.” Naturally, the high-capacity display – a NAVIGON innovation – responds to the slightest touch rather than pressure. Gently running the hand diagonally across the real glass display is sufficient to activate the Voice Command. The judging panel of the Red Dot Design Award 2009 has already given the NAVIGON 8410 an “honourable mention” for its purist and minimalist appearance. The active design holder1 with integrated TMC Pro Antenna completes the high-quality look.NAVIGON_8450_right_en
The high-tech expectation is underpinned by two innovations: NAVIGON displays photo-like navigation known as Real City3D. Houses, streets, building façades, zebra crossings and traffic lights are displayed in detail and realistic colour. Real City3D is available in a selection of large European cities. Further cities will be available in the near future. Voice Command, which includes even more functions than before, also offers something unique: the Voice Interaction Pro function facilitates easy communication with the device using colloquial speech. You can even call up names from saved contacts using voice command, or name special destinations and drive directly to them.

The perfect companion – even when watching TV

Another NAVIGON innovation is the media player for films, music and images. “Our two devices from the NAVIGON 84 series now appeal to multimedia fans with the latest television programmes,” says Jörn Watzke. For 59.95 euros, NAVIGON offers a digital TV module for DVB-T reception, converting the navigator into a mobile television.
The NAVIGON 8450 Live costs just 499 euros with all these highlights and the tried-and-tested NAVIGON functions, including features such as NAVIGON MyRoutes and NAVIGON Clever Parking. The NAVIGON 8410 is priced at 449 euros, and the NAVIGON Live module  can be installed on it for 99 euros.


1The holder has an electrical contact so that the power supply is not dependent on the device, but instead runs discreetly along the back of the holder.

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