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Joining forces to get you to your destination: NAVIGON redefines pedestrian navigation

In double measure: NAVIGON presents an intelligent combined in-car and pedestrian navigation system for conventional navigation devices at the IFA. NAVIGON users will soon be able to have full directions to their destination even when it can only be accessed on foot after parking their vehicle. This is all made possible thanks to new functions such as NAVIGON Last Mile and E-Compass, which acts as a guide in the new NAVIGON 2400 | 2410. It also includes an energy-saving package, which increases the operating life of the device by up to four hours when in pedestrian mode, and a map display, including in portrait format.

NAVIGON_feature_visual_last_mile_enHamburg, 3 September 2009 – Mobility and flexibility are given new meaning in the NAVIGON devices on show at the IFA trade fair. “Thanks to our completely new combined in-car and pedestrian navigation system, NAVIGON customers will now be able to also use their navigation device to reach their destination reliably, conveniently and flexibly on foot – even when their destination cannot be accessed by car and the route takes them through pedestrian precincts, parks or old town alleyways,” says Jörn Watzke, Vice President Product Line Management at NAVIGON. The pedestrian navigation system will be used to provide improved orientation in all the new NAVIGON IFA models, from the entry-level NAVIGON 1400 | 1410 devices through to the premium NAVIGON 8410 | 8450 Live models.

All in one: innovative technology makes it possible to have a complete navigation package that provides directions even after you have parked your vehicle and are walking to your destination, and when you are returning to your car – particularly with the NAVIGON Last Mile function. The highlight: when the car is parked, the device automatically saves its position and immediately launches the pedestrian navigation system with directions to the final destination. On the way home, all you need to do is select the saved destination “My Vehicle” to be guided back to your car. “NAVIGON Last Mile is thus the perfect addition to our NAVIGON Clever Parking feature, which directs the driver to the appropriate parking space without going round the houses. In the future, once you have found your parking space, you will then be guided conveniently and directly to your final destination address. In the entry-level NAVIGON 2400 | 2410 devices, the E-Compass refines your position
coordinates in addition to your GPS signal after just one calibration. Accurate direction display makes it easier to find your way whilst travelling on foot.

High technology every step of the way: the NAVIGON 2400 | 2410

The NAVIGON 2400 | 2410 models are specially designed to meet pedestrians’ needs, making them the first choice for all those who are often also on the go with their navigation device outside the car – exploring cities whilst on holiday, for example. They not only have the E-Compass, the technical highlight of pedestrian navigation for PNAs; users can also navigate their way through the city centre for hours with the 2400 series, without needing to charge the battery.
This is due to a sophisticated and intelligent energy-saving package, which includes a position sensor. The sensor recognises when the position of the device changes and ensures that significantly less energy is used whilst in pedestrian mode. As soon as the device is placed in a pocket or is laid flat, the 3.5-inch display switches off. Processor power is also reduced considerably when in pedestrian mode and non-essential functions are deactivated, meaning that electricity consumption is around 50 percent lower – increasing operating life and allowing for long city trips.
“We have extended the operating range of the navigation device for pedestrians greatly to meet the requirements of a fully fledged pedestrian navigation system,” says Jörn Watzke. To make sure that the user can conveniently retrace their steps and quickly get their bearings when looking at the display, the display orientation in the 2400 model series automatically changes from landscape for in-car navigation to portrait format when pedestrian mode has been activated. “After all, you hold the device upright in your hand when you’re walking,” says Jörn Watzke. The fitted strap, included as standard in the 2400 series, is a useful feature – it makes the device easier and more comfortable to carry.

In addition to the new combination of in-car and pedestrian navigation in one system, NAVIGON continues to offer cutting-edge pedestrian navigation systems in smartphones and mobile phones. Pedestrian navigation is a fixed component of the NAVIGON MobileNavigator Software in devices using the Android and Symbian S60 3rd Edition1 operating systems.

1Please see for a list of devices tested and found to be compatible.


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