Premium upgrade available now for the NAVIGON 8450 Live

NAVIGON8450Live Premium EditionA Premium upgrade is now available for the NAVIGON 8450 Live. Your navigation device will be upgraded to NAVIGON 8450 Live Premium Edition with six new features and Live Services Pro. Users will be able to continue using their devices, but now with extra functions released with the newer product series.

As well as the well-known real-time services like “Traffic Live”, Live Services Pro includes the new Live Services “Fuel Live” and “Events Live”. These show petrol stations with low fuel prices and events as POIs on the map. Users can also view detailed information on the location, time and ticket prices.

Like the NAVIGON 8410 Premium Edition, the NAVIGON 8450 Live Premium Edition also has six new features on board: “NAVIGON MyBest POI”, “City View 3D 2.0”, “One Click Menu”, “NAVIGON Sightseeing Tours”, “NAVIGON Sightseeing” and “Active Lane Assistant”. This shows which lane the driver needs to move into for the next turn in a dynamic, travelling animation.

The upgrade for the NAVIGON 8450 Live Premium Edition costs 69.95 euro. The upgrade is available now to download via NAVIGON Fresh or from

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