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How do I enter an address? (PDA/MN6/MN7)

By entering an address you may be guided to the desired destination. You can save the entered addresses (to use them later once more), in map registration (next to the POIs search) or to be add-in route planning. To enter an address, please proceed as follows:

1.     Enter "New Destination" on the start screen of your device.

2.     Now you can enter an address..

3.     Choose one of the countries available in your map material.

4.     Afterwards, enter a city name or alternatively a postal code.
        To change between letters, numbers and symbols, please click
        on the right bottom part on the keys labeled "123" (numbers)
        or "SYM" (symbols).

5.     Enter a street name and a house number. Alternatively, you can
         enter a cross instead of a house number by selecting "Cross Street"
        in the menu on top of the screen.

6.     Under "Options" you are able to save an entered destination for
         further use, show the destination on a map, add the destination to
        a created route or start a search nearby the destination iy you like.

7.     If you fully entered the destination, you can proceed to "Start Navigation."

If you want to change details during the submission, just click on the relevant information on top of the screen. To confirm a modification, please click on the green check mark next to the input field.

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