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Attuale versione NAVIGON

The NAVIGON update version for iPhone offers you e.g. new features or additional In-App-Purchases. The following developments are available with the new software version:

Changes in the update of 2.8.0:

    • New function "Fuel Live" (Current fuel prices for Germany)
    • Removal of the function "Google Street View"

Changes in the update of 2.7.0:

    • Improvements for Urban Guidance:
        • Additional integration of MyRoutes
        • Extended coverage area (more cities, more public transport)

Changes in the update of 2.5.0:

    • Mobile Alert Live is now available in many countries
    • Telekom Deutschland customers can now access T-Center
      right within the app.(select version).
    • Enhanced flinc functionality and integration

Changes in the update of 2.4.0:

    • Voice instructions can be broadcasted through the cars
      speakers. (Bluetooth required) 
    • Wikipedia articles about POIs directly in the app
    • Glympse functionality has been improved
    • Additional Foursquare functionality
    • Easier switching between car- and pedestrian navigation

Changes in the update of 2.1.0:

    • "Postal Code" now is a part of the NAVIGON App (no longer an inApp)
    • Integration of "Google Street View" on the destination information
    • "Custom route" by user during navigation/route planning
    • NAVIGON Cockpit available as In-App purchase
    • Current images replaced by high-resolution images (tab bar icons,
      schematic view (turn-by-turn arrows), active lane assistant)
    • Optimized Map Manager (new controls for downloading, pausing
      downloads and deleting maps)
    • Optimized start up time 
    • Optimized map rendering (zooming and panning experience has
      been sped up)
    • "Mobile Alert Live" available as inApp

Changes in the update of 2.0.2:

    • The latest maps can now be downloaded after purchasing
    • Improved  Truck & Caravan navigation (a new route profile is
      available which fixes some road features)    
    • Bugfix for Active Lane Assistant    
    • Performance optimization for the Reality Scanner feature    
    • New setting which allows the user to switch the country
      border information on or off    
    • New setting available to enable download via WiFi/WLAN only,
      or via 3G data connection

Changes in the update of 2.0.1:

    • iPod control re-integrated    
    • Favorites and recent destinations available again    
    • All maps can now be selected simultaneously for the download    
    • VoiceOver support has been improved    

Changes in the update of 2.0.0:

    • All customers will initially receive the latest map update available   
    • FreshMaps available as inApp purchase    
    • New user interface - map view now is at the center
    • UI animations    
    • Support of multi-touch user gestures    
    • Fast map zooming, rotating and panning by using Shader
      technology and hardware graphics acceleration    
    • Enhanced map interaction (e.g. clicking on POIs)    
    • Rework of Traffic implementation and visualization    
    • Split between Actions and Settings in the Menu    
    • Choose between Male and Female voices (where available)

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