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NAVIGON Europe Features for Windows Phone 7 (OS 7.5)

The new extensive navigation software NAVIGON Europe for Windows Phone 7 (new operating system 7.5 for Windows Phone 7 required) is available soon and offers you many features:

On-Board navigation
On-board navigation means that all maps, voice commands and system files are saved on your phone's memory. Time loss and charges for data transmissions can be avoided. Via on-board navigation there will be no data trasmission costs or roaming fees, e.g. for route calculation or map presentation.

NAVIGON Traffic Live
Thanks to traffic information in real time, NAVIGON users can find out where the roads are clear with Traffic Live. You will be recommended the best route at all times – taking the current traffic situation into consideration.

NAVIGON Reality Scanner
The new kind of POI search and the easiest way of finding special destinations in the immediate neighbourhood. Thanks to the combination of camera and integrated compass, the display then shows restaurants, hotels, filling stations, etc. close to your position. If there are multiple different POI's at the same position, you can choose between them easily in the POI info box.

NAVIGON Shortcut
You can save your favourites and your home address directly on the Windows Phone 7 start screen. So you can navigate to a favourite address without starting the application and entering the address right from the beginning.

Direct access to addresses
You have direct access to the contact addresses which are saved on your Windows Phone 7. Navigate to the saved addresses without closing the application.

Find out more about available countries and supported application / voice command languages in NAVIGON Europe here.

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