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What is TMC? What do you need in order to receive TMC?

TMC (Traffic Message Channel) is based on a news network. Traffic information is continuously recorded by the police and by automatic sensors along motorways. This information is delivered in a non-stop flow to the broadcasting corporations. They are digitally coded, classified according to roadway section and are broadcasted inaudible (over the RDS-Sginal). The coded data sets are converted by the navigation device (with TMC ability) into readable messages.

A TMC message provides details of a traffic obstruction's location and type, and sometimes also its beginning, duration or end. The messages are valid for only a certain period of time. A message is stored  and can be recalled by the navigation device as long as it is valid. During a navigation the navigation software checks every message within seconds with the calculated route and if necessary calculates an alternative route.

TMC in NAVIGON products:

NAVIGON products which are suitable for TMC reception support FreeTMC wherever it is available. The use of PayTMC is either already included in the purchase price of the NAVIGON product or the service can be subscribed to. For more information refer to the description of the product in question.

More useful information about TMC:

TMC is available as FreeTMC (in Germany: the TMC service of the state broadcasting corporations) and as PayTMC (in Germany: TMCpro). The availability of these services differs from country to country.

A TMC receiver is needed to receive TMC messages. Many navigation devices and GPS receivers come with a built-in TMC receiver. Car charging cables with a built-in TMC receiver are also available for many navigation devices.

If the TMC reception is poor, it often helps to use a Y adapter for connecting the TMC receiver to the vehicle's external antenna.

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