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Chi viaggia con NAVIGON, vorrebbe sapere tutto con precisione. Ad esempio come si eseguono gli aggiornamenti, come si installano le mappe aggiuntive o i servizi o come funziona NAVIGON FreshMaps. Qui sono disponibili i manuali, i download e le risposte alle vostre domande.

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My navigation map is incomplete or incorrect

The navigation map data are not collected by NAVIGON itself. NAVIGON gets the data from the specialized company HERE.

These data are processed by NAVIGON so that they can be used by our navigation software. The road network is subject to continuous change: new streets are being built, new one-way systems introduced, etc. If your navigation map is a little old, it is more than likely that some of its data are no longer up to date. And even if you have the latest available map, it may still not contain certain changes. This is why a map's coverage is always quoted as 99% maximum.

Use NAVIGON FreshMaps to keep your maps always up to date. With the Nokia MapReporter you can report wrong or faulty map content.

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